Help Your Child Access Their Google and Clever Accounts From Home

The District has provided each student with a special Google account that gives them access to the many tools available from Google in a closed environment that is safer for students than the public Internet. With this account, your student can participate in digital learning with their teacher and other Menifee USD students just as they do at school. Please note that you should always monitor your child's online activities, use web filtering tools on your home computer and ensure that your child gets plenty of rest, exercise and time outdoors in addition to their time at the computer.

Staying Safe Online

365体育首页Consider these resources to help you determine how to assist your child to be successful in our digital world - 

  1. Menifee USD Internet Safety Curriculum and Materials

Use Google Chrome Browser

To provide your child with an online experience that is MOST like what they will experience at school, use the Google Chrome Browser on your home PC, Mac or other device and configure the browser with your child's G-Suite profile.

  1. Open the newly installed Chrome Browser and sign in with your child's school G-Suite account.  Choose "link data" when that option appears. .
    • Anytime you open your browser it should now come up with your child's profile and will have all the settings and options available to your child at school.
  2. If the Chrome Browser was already installed on your device r.
    • Anytime you select your child's profile from among any others you've installed on your Chrome Browser you will see all the settings and options available to your child at school.
    • to learn more about managing Chrome profiles.

Your Child's G-Suite Login Credentials

Your child's teacher assists each child to initially login to their G Suite account and helps them set the password they will use to access that account.  All Menifee USD G-Suite accounts use the following naming convention - 

  • Username = [firstname].[last init].[4 digits] (e.g.
  • Password = check with child's teacher if your child has forgotten their password


365体育首页Menifee USD uses as a single sign-on solution for Study Sync, Wonders, Dreambox, and other learning programs. Clever will be the launch page for your child to access these learning tools. 

We recommend using the Chrome profiles for each child, described above, to maintain ease of use with Clever and our learning tools. 

Directions for logging in to Clever at home

Logging in to Other Sites

Please contact your child's teacher for login information about any additional sites used in class.

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